I've always been in love with images. Since that first fateful camera thru almost thirty years of chasing footcandles in the motion picture business, I've been consumed by light; creating, shaping, softening, coloring, cutting, blending, bending. You name it I've done it to light.

I'm on my own. Since leaving the motion picture business and joining the digital imaging revolution, I've spent countless hours herding pixels into images. The learning curve has been steep but I've embraced the computer and its sometimes baffling, sometimes miraculous software. But until the image is printed it doesn't really live. The ability to choose from a wide array of substrate; glossy, matte, watercolor, handmade, canvas, and metal opens up a whole new way of turning a photograph into a work of art. An old Chinese curse says: "May you live in an interesting age". Seems to me this is arguably the most "interesting age" in the history of photography. Photographic images have always been manipulated, but the computer allows us to do this in ways that had only been dreamed of. And I dream of art.


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